Press Releases

Aivion has introduced the TL4K1171, a small form factor 6G-SDI video interface for autofocus zoom block cameras

A team of researchers has developed a polarisation insensitive detection unit for a spectrometer-based FD-OCT system that reduces polarisation artefacts in OCT images

Eagle Eye Networks, has launched Eagle Eye license plate recognition, which uses AI in a cloud-based system using available security cameras

Edmund Optics now offers optical design services out of its German office in Mainz to support imaging and machine vision projects

Automatica, which will be held in Munich from 21 to 24 June, will have a focus on AI and machine vision

Scientists at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan recently developed a system to improve the performance of fringe projection 3D shape measurement

Automation Technology has integrated MultiPeak into its Cx4090HS sensor module, which will enable noise-free recording of 3D profile data via laser triangulation

Keyence has further extended its portfolio of precision measurement technologies with a new, high-accuracy image dimension measurement system.

Boasting accuracy to ±0.7μm, the LM Series combines the ease of use associated with the Keyence range with the breakthrough precision demanded across an ever broader range of applications.

Chromasens ChromaPixa 2K line scan cameras enable stable color measurement, simplifying image processing in high-speed applications such as continuous inspection of paper, packaging and plastic

Framos has extended its sensor module ecosystem with the FSM-IMX678

MVTec Software will launch version 5.1 of its Merlic machine vision software on 7 April. An enhanced feature set is now available that provides even better usability

Vulkan Safety-Critical 1.0 API specification enables safety-critical industries to deploy GPU graphics and compute acceleration while meeting high levels of functional safety requirements