Products and Press Releases

Theia Technologies has introduced a new website designed to enhance user experience, facilitate lens selection, and make information about lenses readily available

The Gocator 5500 series of 3D line confocal sensors introduces the first line confocal sensor running Gocator's smart sensor platform

Specim will demonstrate SpecimOne at Automate, a complete, easy-to-deploy spectral imaging platform

Resolve Optics has developed SWIR lenses that benefit from a novel design that maintains performance throughout the SWIR spectral range without the need for refocusing

The smart cameras of EVT's Jupiter series have been expanded by another line sensor with 6k pixels

Lucid Vision Labs has released a new version of ArenaView with built-in JupyterLab support. The company will also exhibit at Automate in June

SVS-Vistek offers new powerful SWIR and UV industrial cameras as well as polarization cameras

The sensor can operate at 25,000 profiles per second at a viewing width of 100mm

Basler has won a Best Managed Companies Award, given by Deloitte Private, Credit Suisse, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Federation of German Industries

Framos has released development kits supporting Analog Devices’ GMSL3 interface

Ienso has released embedded vision camera modules based on the Ambarella CV series of SoCs

AMD has introduced the Kria KR260 robotics starter kit, the latest addition to the Kria portfolio of adaptive system-on-modules and developer kits