Press Releases

LOT-Oriel has launched Phenom, from FEI Company, a high resolution desktop imaging tool (up to 20,000x) with an optical camera and a high quality electron microscope.

Basler Vision Technologies has expanded its Scout series with four new camera models based on Sony's high sensitivity ICX285 CCD sensor. The cameras feature a 30fps image capture rate.

Pyser-SGI has introduced a new multi-feature calibration standard for machine vision and image analysis systems. Multiple images and scales on a single slide provide a cost-effective solution to calibration checks.

Basler Vision Technologies has extended its Pylon driver software package by adding line scan camera support. This package has already been used successfully with Basler area scan cameras.

Resolve Optics has released the Model 290 motorised non-browning CCTV zoom lens, which incorporates a range of features to assist operation in environments subject to radiation, such as nuclear power generation stations.

The Machine Vision Lenses and Peripherals Catalogue from Moritex has been designed as an informative technical resource to help customers select the correct components to achieve an optimised imaging solution for their Machine Vision application.

The MegaPlus EC16000 is an actively cooled, high resolution 16 Megapixel digital camera. It is designed to separate and isolate the camera's primary electronics from the sensor cooling path resulting in true 12-bits per pixel at virtually any ope

Flir Systems has launched its ThermoVision A-Series of infrared cameras, which can be quickly integrated into design and production processes.

Matrox Imaging has launched the Matrox 4Sight X, its latest embedded system to integrate video capture, processing and display.

MultiPix has launched the Jenoptik IR-TCM640 uncooled OEM IR camera module, which has a 640x480 pixel resolution for infrared images.

Nikon Instruments Europe has launched its DS-Ri1 camera, the latest addition to its range of Digital Sight cameras for microscopy.

Toshiba Teli has launched the colour camera CSF5M7C3L18NR specifically for application areas such as microscopy and image measurement that require single pixel colour rendering.