Products and Press Releases

Lumenera has released the Lw11059 series of CCD Megapixel USB 2.0 cameras, designed for use in a variety of industrial and scientific applications that require good performance in low light conditions.

Matrox Imaging has released the Matrox Vio Analog, the newest member of the Matrox Vio family of boards for video capture and display.

This series features more than 300 models, and has a modular camera concept that fulfils the needs of the OEM market to the highest degree

The new S5LPJ8210 from Sill Optics is a large double-sided telecentric lens. Due to its symmetrical setup, the lens has very low distortion (less than 0.01 per cent).

Sill Optics has released the S6IRI154x, a precision LED condenser with aspheric surfaces that is compatible with the reliable standard S6IRI153x condensers.

The Solution When Throughput and Sensitivity Count. With line rates up to 140 kHz at 2k or 4k resolution, Basler's sprint series cameras set a new standard for the line scan market.

Net has released the FireDragon line of progressive scan cameras. The cameras are available in eight FireWire b camera models.

Cedip Infrared Systems has announced the Carthage series of advanced video processing modules for researchers and integrators looking to develop and build their own thermal imaging systems.

Baumer Fire Wire – IEEE1394a cameras have been continuously developed for industrial use and are based upon ultramodern CCD and CMOS technology.

Alrad is distributing e2v's AVIIVA line scan range of cameras, which benefit from e2v's recent acquisition of the CCD and CMOS camera and sensor technology from Atmel Grenoble.

The Firefly MV is a miniature (25x40mm) IEEE-1394 digital camera designed for industrial imaging. The 1/3-inch Micron CMOS sensor delivers 752 x 480 images at 60fps.

IDS has launched two extremely compact USB cameras with a 3-Megapixel resolution as part of the uEye LE series for non-industrial applications.