Products and Press Releases

Point Grey Research, a leader in advanced imaging products, has added the LDR (Long Distance Repeater) to its FirePRO family of professional IEEE 1394b components.

Basler Pilot cameras are now available in a 90° angled head housing. The main improvement in the 90° housing version is a reduction in the camera depth.

Kane Computing (KCL) has added the latest Avigilon high definition professional IP cameras to its range of video security products.

Advanced Micro Peripherals has introduced the VCODEC-H264 - a single channel H264 Codec on a single PC/104-plus form factor.

Sensors Unlimited, part of Goodrich Corporation, has introduced the shortwave infrared (SWIR) SU-LDH digital line scan camera.

IDS has launched the Gigabit Ethernet uEye SE. This compact version is specially tailored to the needs of plant and machinery manufacturers and is available with CCD or CMOS sensors.

IDS has launched version 3.30 of its uEye driver. Besides boosting the performance of the camera/software combination, the driver has increased support of many hardware features.

The EMV-VGA from Illunis provides a 658 x 496 pixel (VGA), progressive-scan digital video at up to 38fps. Cameras provide low light performance through the use of electron multiplication (EMCCD) technology.

Videor has introduced products from Fujinon and Tamron as well as the extended USB camera series from Sentech.

Illunis has introduced the XMV 50100, a 50 Megapixel camera based on the Eastman Kodak KAF-50100 sensor.

Vision Components has launched a new version of the intelligent high-performance camera VC4465/C, which ensures optimal colour image reproduction thanks to revised electronics.

Pleora Technologies, a leading supplier of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) video connectivity products, has made its eBUS Driver Suite and PureGEV Suite available for all GigE Vision-compatible products.