Products and Press Releases

Flir ATS (Advanced Thermal Solutions) has changed its camera range names to finalise its integration within the Flir group.

Moritex has introduced the MH range of halogen lamp light sources for image processing applications. The light sources are designed to provide high power illumination (400 to 750nm) through a flexible light guide.

Vision Components has extended its VC Optimum camera line, adding
the VC4467 EXview, which is especially suited for tasks requiring high light sensitivity.

Omron has released its Xpectia vision system providing real-colour sensing, high resolution, 3D functionality and intuitive user guidance.

Matrix Vision has launched the mvXCell-8i PCIe accelerator board, which allows standard PCs access to the power of IBM PowerXCell 8i processor.

Multipix Imaging has launched the Aviator area scan camera series, equipped with Kodak CCD sensors. The Aviator exhibits superior image quality even at high speed capture rates.

Spectrum Illumination has introduced the Tripod modular light system. The Tripod modules can be used separately as a spot light or together to create single or double row linear lights.

Allied Vision Technologies has added two versions to its successful Stingray camera family: the Stingray F-125 and Stingray F-504 with 1.3 and 5 Megapixels respectively.

Allied Vision Technologies has introduced the Guppy F-503 featuring a high-resolution 5 Megapixel Micron CMOS sensor.

Firstsight Vision has added the C3 family of robust laser scanning cameras from Automation Technology to its product line. The cameras offer outstanding speed and resolution for 3D imaging applications.

Baumer has introduced a line of Gigabit Ethernet cameras designed to provide Power over Gigabit Ethernet, eliminating the need for a separate power cable.

Multipix Imaging has introduced the Blade, the fastest digital video recorder (DVR) express unit in the market place by IO Industries.