Products and Press Releases

Jenoptik has launched Version 2.6 of its CapturePro image acquisition software for ProgRes microscope cameras. Version 2.6 offers a series of functions and enhancements that make camera operation easier.

Jenoptik has introduced an Image J driver available for ProgRes microscope cameras.

Photonfocus has launched the MV-D1024E-3D01-160 camera, which is optimised for 3D laser triangulation applications. The 3D camera uses an algorithm for accurate and robust laser line detection, called Peak Detector.

Photonfocus has introduced the A1312 series of CMOS sensors. The sensors are designed and fabricated in a 0.35µm CMOS technology optimised for outstanding sensitivity and quantum efficiency.

Toshiba Teli has introduced the CleverDragon CSC12M25BMP19 camera, aimed at the most demanding requirements of industrial image processing.

Andor Technology, a provider of scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, has released Komet 6.0, a software program for imaging and analysis of comet assay specimens.

VDS Vosskühler has launched the NIR-600 near-infrared camera. The camera is based on an InGaAs sensor and is optimised for wavelengths within 0.9–1.7µm.

Point Grey Research, a provider of advanced imaging products, has added USB 2.0 cameras to its existing line of FireWire digital imaging products.

Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division (SISS) has introduced a standardised interface, developed by Tagarno, for its FCB-H10 high-definition camera.

Distributed in UK, France and Italy by BFi OPTiLAS, US company Fairchild Imaging has launched the Osprey CCD/CAM-4KTDI, an ultra-sensitive camera for use in line scan applications.

Fairchild Imaging, based in the US, has introduced a line of low-noise, multi-port, cooled scientific cameras based on a CCD sensor, (4096 x 4096 pixels, 15µm pitch).

For its Gigabit Ethernet camera series, IDS Imaging Development Systems has introduced a design with a 90° angled sensor module, developed specifically for applications with limited space for camera integration.