Press Releases

In 2018, the German robotics and automation sector reached the 15 billion euro mark for industry sales for the first time - an increase of 4 per cent

BitFlow offers frame grabber models that its customers can use to control up to four CL Base or two CL 80-bit cameras from one PCIe slot on the motherboard

Sony Semiconductor Solutions has broadened its image sensor portfolio with the IMX392 providing 2.3 megapixels

Videology announces its mini 24C1.2XU3 USB3.0 camera

USB 3.1 Gen 1 board-level cameras from the uEye LE family from IDS are available as variants with the use and control of liquid lens lenses

AT – Automation Technology has released the MCS series of modular high-speed 3D compact sensors

SVS-Vistek has introduced 10 USB3 models in its Exo camera series

CCS has released the CN-PoE Series LED light controller featuring Power over Ethernet

Teledyne Dalsa has released a compact, low-cost vision system for multi-camera applications, the Geva 400

Laser Components USA has launched the Albalux FM at SPIE Photonics West. Albalux FM is a laser white light module with fibre optic output for illumination in medical and machine vision applications

Allied Vision has launched the Goldeye G/CL-033 Tecless camera, a SWIR industrial camera designed using Sofradir's Snake SW Tecless infrared detector

Lucid Vision Labs has introduced four Triton GigE Vision camera models featuring Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS image sensors