Press Releases

Cognex has introduced the In-Sight 3D-L4000 vision system for 3D inspection

The new Exo990, Exo991 and Fxo990 cameras from SVS-Vistek cover an extremely wide wavelength range from the visible to the SWIR range

Resolve Optics reports on its development of a radiation-resistant fixed focus lens for Ahlberg Cameras to enable high-definition nuclear inspection in hard-to-reach areas

Framos now provides sensor-specific ISP tuning for the Nvidia Jetson platform to maximise image quality using a new in-house lab

MusashiAI ,the Israeli-Japanese Industry 4.0 joint venture, announces the spin-out of 634AI, a company focused on developing an RTLS-driven central control tower for streamlining management of any mobile task on an industrial floor

New from Chromasens is the XLC4 LED controller, which prevents fluctuations in brightness levels that lower line-scan camera performance

NorPix has released a new version of StreamPix with high-speed capture

Edmund Optics has introduced the economically-priced E-series of kinematic optical mirror mounts

Corning has introduced the latest innovation in liquid lens auto focus technology, the Corning Varioptic AF explorer kit

Prophesee has released OpenEB, a set of open-source software modules and event-based machine learning solutions that are aimed at optimising ML training and inference for event-based applications

Vision Components presents VC picoSmart, an embedded vision system the size of a conventional image sensor module that facilitates and speeds up the development of vision sensors

Cognex has introduced Cognex Edge Intelligence, a platform providing barcode reading performance monitoring and device management