Press Releases

MVTec has expanded its product management. Susanne Kretzschmar is now supporting the company as commercial product manager for Halcon

Alexander Lewinsky will take over the operational management of IDS together with Jan Hartmann

Framos offers camera data transfer over a single coax cable using the GMSL2 protocol on the Jetson AGX Xavier platform

Introducing Ensenso S, camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems shows that the use of industrial-grade 3D technology does not have to be expensive

Artemis Vision is using OnLogic computers to build solutions for quality control inspection, dimensioning, and smart logistics

The EoSens 2.0CXP2 two-megapixel CMOS camera from Mikrotron is now available through its global distribution network

Lucid Vision Labs has started production of its Atlas IP67-rated camera line

The Vision Sensor LM from Imago Technologies combines line scan technology with the advantages of a freely programmable mini smart camera

Sick has launched a compact and powerful all-in-one 2D vision sensor, the InspectorP61x

Matrix Vision has equipped the new MvBlueNaos camera modules with a PCI Express interface

Gidel has introduced a small and robust embedded computer tailored for high-throughput image acquisition and image processing

The new bin picking kit from RARUK Automation provides a complete solution for picking, handling and placing flat and cylindrical parts