Press Releases

Cincoze, a manufacturer of embedded systems, has released its flagship GPU edge computing system, the GP-3000

Teledyne Imaging has released its new 20 megapixel Lt series USB3 cameras. It will present a range of imaging equipment at SPIE Photonics West

SVS-Vistek has introduced EXO 12MP industrial cameras based on the polarised sensor IMX253MZR from Sony, along with the new FXO camera series based on the Coaxpress-12 interface

Framos and Connect Tech have announced their inaugural product resulting from their partnership, the Connect Tech Boson for Framos carrier board

Gidel has released its Proc10N and Proc1C10N, an FPGA module and PCIe board based on the Intel Stratix 10 NX

Euresys has released the Coaxpress-over-fibre bridge protocol version 1.0 guideline by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association

Basler is relying on cooperation with partners such as NXP, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services at Embedded World 2021 Digital to simplify the path to an embedded vision solution

Edmund Optics has opened an assembly and advanced design facility in Tucson, Arizona, the second Edmund Optics location in the state

Framos now offers Sony IMX536, IMX546, and IMX566 sensors for factory automation, ITS and embedded vision

MVTec Software will be presenting its product portfolio at Embedded World Digital from 1 to 5 March

Teledyne sensors will power, sense and help analyze the chemical composition of the surface and minerals during the Mars 2020 mission

Irida Labs has launched, a software and services platform that supports the full vision-AI product lifecycle