Press Releases

Andor Technology has launched its new iCam technology, a combined firmware and software innovation that will be incorporated into Andor's EMCCD imaging cameras, starting with the iXonEM and LucaEM product lines.

Matrox Imaging has released the Matrox Morphis DVR-16, a scalable video capture card with real-time multi-channel compression specifically designed for digital video recorders (DVRs).

Photron has released the new Fastcam MC1, a high-speed camera for production line inspection and process control.

The new FCB-H10 colour camera module from Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division combines a 10x optical zoom with high definition at 1080i or 720p, to produce high-definition images.

Firstsight Vision is now offering multispectral cameras from JAI. These two-chip cameras are available in both Camera Link (AD-080 CL) and GigE (AD-080 GE) versions.

Adimec has introduced a new CCD camera for fast inspection applications. The OPAL-1000m offers high spatial resolution at high speeds.

Moritex has introduced a range of four battery handle light sources for industrial endoscopes to suit different applications and budgets.

VDS Vosskühler has introduced the CCD-16000, a new 16-Megapixel CCD Camera. The camera is based on a 36 x 24mm sensor. It can produce images at rates of 2fps, with 12-bit dynamics.

Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division has introduced the MCB-882P 3.15-Megapixel CMOS camera module for industrial, security and medical applications.

The Schneider Group has introduced the MacroVaron 85mm f4.5 lens featuring new technology for high resolutions at high magnification.

Prosilica has released the new GC2450 GigE Vision camera. The compact GC2450 runs at 15fps with 2456 x 2048 resolution. The camera housing measures just 33 x 46 x 43mm.

Firstsight Vision is distributing a new timing controller for machine vision applications. The CC320, from Gardasoft Vision, is compliant with GigE cameras, allowing a network-centric approach to control structures.