UniVision Assistant

The new uniVision assistant from Wenglor guides the user step by step through the configuration process of the weQube smart camera, making complex steps easily accessible and understandable to anyone

Python sample script

The Framos engineering team shares Python sample script on GitHub that works directly with multiple Intel RealSense cameras to create bounding boxes for any kind of item

Halcon 18.11

MVTec Software announces the new version 18.11 of its standard software Halconm which will officially be introduced at Vision 2018 in Stuttgart

CVB 2018

CVB 2018 brings a number of new developments for the CVB Image Manager and CVB Foundation Package components of Common Vision Blox, Stemmer Imaging’s machine vision software

VisionApp 360 software

With its VisionApp 360 software, Wenglor is now offering a smart tool which makes 3D object detection possible with up to 16 sensors


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