Python sample script

The Framos engineering team shares Python sample script on GitHub that works directly with multiple Intel RealSense cameras to create bounding boxes for any kind of item

OV2311 sensor with Smart Eye algorithm

OmniVision Technologies announced at AutoSens Detroit its collaboration with Smart Eye to integrate OmniVision’s 2-megapixel image sensor with Smart Eye’s sensing algorithm library in a turnkey driver and cabin monitoring solution

Pregius sensors

Available from Framos, Sony has released new image sensors within its third-generation Pregius line, featuring the SLVS-EC high-speed interface

NSC1701 sensor

NIT presents its new high dynamic range global shutter CMOS featuring a light flicker mitigation mode and a 12-bit digital output

OS08A20 NIR sensor

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OS08A20, the latest addition to its family of image sensors equipped with the company’s Nyxel near-infrared technology

Preguis IMX250 sensor

Sony Semiconductor Solutions releases its new Preguis IMX250 sensor with a four-directional polarisation square pixel array, providing higher contrast for more detailed pictures in less time


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