Badger-C and Badger-T

An uncooled InGaAs-sensor with 640 x 512-resolution that can be operated at room-temperature is now available from Andanta

Emerald 8M9

Emerald 8M9 features a small, 2.8µm low-noise global shutter pixel and differentiates and provides a high 8.9-megapixel resolution within a compact 2/3 inch optical format


Teledyne e2v has expanded its Lince family of image sensors with a new 11-megapixel detector

Sony IMX426 Pregius

Available from Framos, the Sony IMX426 Pregius 3rd generation global shutter CMOS image sensor provides 9µm pixel size and reaches VGA resolution with 1,449 fps at10-bit for maximised throughput in factory automation

Snappy 2 megapixel

Teledyne e2v has released the Snappy 2 megapixel, a new CMOS image sensor designed for barcode reading and other 2D scanning applications


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