A new series of surface mount infrared reflective sensors produced by TT Optek and distributed by Pacer offers an extremely fast response time and high sensitivity.


Eastman Kodak has developed a new family of interline transfer CCD image sensors that should bring benefits to machine vision and scientific imaging applications.


Horiba Jobin Yvon has introduced three new ranges of multichannel detectors: the Symphony arrays with LN2 cooling, the Synapse arrays with thermoelectrical cooling, and the Sygnature ambient temperature linear detectors.

XLIN 1.7/2.2/2.5

XenICs has introduced the XLIN 1.7/2.2/2.5 series of InGaAs linear photodiode arrays, featuring high detectivity, linearity and uniformity with good stability and a wide dynamic range.


Avago Technologies has released a new ambient light sensor with a precise logarithmic output response over a wide range of lighting conditions.

C275 CG

Polytech has introduced a high performance multi-sensor gimbal for airborne surveillance missions. The compact new gimbal is only 11 inches in diameter and is perfect for use with light helicopters and drones.

Contact image sensor

Pacer has introduced a colour contact image sensor (CIS) from Tichawa Vision, which promises large reading width, high resolution and scan speeds.


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