Fujifilm Europe GmbH has announced the upgrade of formerly 3 megapixel series “HF-XA” to officially 5 megapixel series “HF-5M”

MPY 12-megapixel lenses

Computar has brought the “MPY” lens series with 12 megapixel resolution onto the market specifically to work with the SONY Pregius IMX253 and IMX255 image sensors


The new HF6XA-5M wide-angle lens from Fujinon is the latest addition to the HF-XA Machine Vision lens series

Macnica ATD Europe

Following the acquisition of ATD Electronique by Macnica Inc. we now operate under the new name Macnica ATD Europe. Our team continues to provide the long established ATD services of image distribution and technical advice. Macnica ATD Europe offers image sensors (CCD, CMOS, InGaAs, Thermal), optics, interface circuits, imaging processors, cables and M-OLED displays. As Macnica ATD Europe we look forward to continue our trusted distribution partnership with key players in the machine vision industry.

Flexible Longpass Filters

Edmund Optics (EO), introduces new Flexible Longpass Filters. These versatile cut-on filters offer deep blocking and excellent transmission

NIR Imaging Filters

MidOpt announces the availability of three new imaging filters primarily intended for blocking unwanted near-infrared light

Arctic liquid lens

Edmund Optics and Varioptic announce the availability of the variable focus Arctic Liquid Lens in the Edmund Optics catalogue


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