Machine Micro Lenses

Moritex Machine Micro Lens (MMLs) offer a high resolving power throughout their field of view deliver and good performance in high definition inspection and alignment applications.

4-40mm HD motorised zoom lens

Resolve Optics has designed and developed a 4-40mm HD motorised zoom lens, which provides users with true high definition imaging throughout its range of operation.

VZM 100i

Edmund Optics has released the VZM 100i video zoom microscope. The VZM series are parafocal zoom lens systems for video cameras.

MRV 4.5/85 CAS 0.5X-2.0X

The Schneider Group has introduced the MacroVaron 85mm f4.5 lens featuring new technology for high resolutions at high magnification.

0.5x Wide Angle Zoom Adapter

The 0.5x Wide Angle Zoom Adapter from Resolve Optics has been designed to improve the quality of video conferencing images. It provides high contrast images with high resolution and focus.


As a result of the increasing need for telecentric lenses with high magnification, Moritex has developed a new micromachine lens, the SOD-10X.


Sill Optics has released the S6IRI154x, a precision LED condenser with aspheric surfaces that is compatible with the reliable standard S6IRI153x condensers.


The new S5LPJ8210 from Sill Optics is a large double-sided telecentric lens. Due to its symmetrical setup, the lens has very low distortion (less than 0.01 per cent).

CPN 4.5/90 lens

The Schneider Group has introduced a 90mm f4.5 lens to its line of high-resolution line scan lenses. The CPN 4.5/90 lens provides magnification from 0.2x to 0.4x.


Edmund Optics now offers a new line of TML-HP (High Power) Telecentric Measuring Lenses that eliminates perspective errors that yield variations in magnifications through the depth of field.


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