Lasers for Machine Vision and Inspection

VLG volume measuring system

The VLG (volume light grid for logistics) volume measuring system has been released by Framos Imaging Systems. It enables 3D measurement and volume of general cargo to be recorded for use in logistics processes

IQ7 laser speckle reducer

Power Technology has introduced a laser speckle reducer module for machine vision applications. The IQ7 laser speckle reducer is specifically designed to reduce local interferences and unwanted intensity patterns improving overall laser imaging quality

AI LED pattern projectors

Edmund Optics has introduced AI LED pattern projectors. The design of these versatile compact illuminators make them ideal for applications requiring structured illumination

OptoNCDT 2300LL sensor

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a non-contact laser line displacement sensor, which is ideal for high-speed measurement of shiny metallic and rapidly changing, rough or other difficult-to-measure surfaces


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