Lasers for Machine Vision and Inspection

ZM18 lasers

Z-Laser now provides even more powerful versions of ZM18 - the ZM18S3, ZM18H3 and ZM18DM53

SI LUX640 laser illumination system

Specialised Imaging, working in conjunction with Cavitar, announces the SI LUX640 laser illumination system - a new innovation to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of high-speed video, ultra high-speed framing camera


Z-Laser has released a compact and powerful blue laser for image processing, the ZQ-blue

EyeSens AdBead

Eye Vision Technology has presented the EyeSens AdBead, a tool for the inspection of adhesive beads. Due to the use of a profile scanner, adhesive beads can even be measured when the contrast is low

VLG volume measuring system

The VLG (volume light grid for logistics) volume measuring system has been released by Framos Imaging Systems. It enables 3D measurement and volume of general cargo to be recorded for use in logistics processes

IQ7 laser speckle reducer

Power Technology has introduced a laser speckle reducer module for machine vision applications. The IQ7 laser speckle reducer is specifically designed to reduce local interferences and unwanted intensity patterns improving overall laser imaging quality


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