Lasers for Machine Vision and Inspection

Albalux FM laser white light module

Laser Components USA has launched the Albalux FM at SPIE Photonics West. Albalux FM is a laser white light module with fibre optic output for illumination in medical and machine vision applications

SL Pulsed Power

Osela is pleased to introduce the SL PULSED POWER structured light laser designed to emit very high peak optical power while maintaining our Streamline Laser’s industry standard small footprint

Flexpoint MVfiber Laser Module

The new Flexpoint MVfiber laser module is set to revolutionise machine vision technologies. The MVfiber consists of a laser coupled to a single-mode fibre which can be connected to a variety of fibre laser heads

DataMan 503

Cognex is equipping more and more logistics centres with image-based barcode readers


Laser Components have designed the MVfiber, a fibre delivered laser with a detachable optical head


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