Infrared and thermal cameras

Ventus OGI

Sierra-Olympic Technologies has introduced the Ventus OGI, an optical gas imaging camera core

SWIR camera MV3-D640I-M01-144-G2

The SWIR camera MV3-D640I-M01-144-G2 with the GigE interface from Photon Focus is constantly being developed further, to better support the realisation of various applications

Vinden LR and Vinden 75 thermal cameras

Sierra-Olympic Technologies will demonstrate the new Vinden LR series of long-range thermal cameras and the Vinden 75 uncooled thermal imaging engine at ISC West, 11-13 April in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ninox 1280

Raptor Photonics has launched an additional member to its family of Visible SWIR cameras with the Ninox 1280, offering HD resolution for high end scientific and astronomy applications

Optris Xi Series

Optris has announced the launch of its Optris Xi series of compact spot finder Infrared Cameras, a fusion between a robust compact Pyrometer and an advanced Infrared Camera


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