Infrared and thermal cameras

Flir 1030sc

FLIR Systems announces the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition (HD) Longwave Infrared (LW-IR) camera featuring the industry's highest resolution


Xenics has introduced a new 800 Hz version of the Cheetah-640-CL that interfaces to any frame grabbing system via medium CameraLink

Aeron Searcher

Sierra-Olympic Technologies has introduced the Aeron Searcher, a visible and thermal video imaging system with continuous zoom, by Silent Sentinel

EyeCheck Thermo

EVT has developed EyeCheck Thermo, an intelligent thermography camera based on the same camera technology featured in the SAITIS-640 IR-Camera by DST Control, and coupled with EVT software

ThermoImager G7

Micro-Epsilon has announced the latest addition to the family of thermal imaging cameras, the thermoImager G7

T1K series

Flir Systems has released the T1K series of premium HD thermal inspection cameras, which the company says creates a new performance point at the top of its uncooled thermal camera value ladder

Flir A6750sc SLS

Flir Systems has introduced a high-speed and high-resolution thermal imaging camera for optimally detecting high-speed thermal events and fast-moving targets

ThermoImager TIM M1

Micro-Epsilon has launched a new compact, robust (IP67) short wavelength infrared thermal imaging camera, specifically designed to measure the surface temperature of hot metals, as well as ceramics and graphite

Cox CX320 thermography camera

Sierra-Olympic Technologies introduces the Cox CX320 Thermography Camera, an uncooled LWIR camera system for machine vision, process monitoring, and benchtop R&D applications


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