Infrared and thermal cameras


The Adamant IR camera from Cedip Infrared Systems is a compact and powerful thermal surveillance system designed for a wide range of demanding applications.

Jade LR

The Jade LR is a long-range thermal camera from Cedip Infrared Systems for fixed-position surveillance applications, including passive observation, detection and recognition of targets by day and nights


Cedip Infrared Systems has released Titanium, a new series of high-performance IR camera systems suitable for R&D or thermography applications.


The NIR-300 camera from VDS Vosskuehler provides a greater NIR spectrum than previous models, covering wavelengths from 0.9 to 1.7um.

Silver IR cameras

Cedip Infrared Systems has provided new components for its Silver IR cameras with long-life batteries and integrated screen options.

XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 & Cheetah

XenICs has introduced two new digital, NIR, software-configurable cameras - XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 and Cheetah, based on a thermoelectrically stabilised sensor array in a compact housing.


XenICs has extended its product line of NIR image capture systems to include the fully digital, software-configurable camera XEVA-FPA-640, based on a thermoeletrically cooled InGaAs sensor array.

Ethernet IR cameras

Cedip Infrared Systems has added high performance Ethernet connectivity for its complete product range, allowing multi-sensor camera netowrks for process control surveillance and security.


In addition to the existing range of digital cameras for industrial and medical image processing, VDS Vosskuehler is now offering an infrared camera, model IRC-300, for 8-14µm (LWIR).


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