Infrared and thermal cameras

CompactIR 400

Thermographic cameras for mobile applications have hugely developed technically in recent years. At the same time, the demand for these cameras has risen noticeably. InfraTec, one of the leading suppliers in this sector, now presents with the compactIR 400 an affordable and yet powerful inspection camera that stands out significantly from its competitors.

Viento HD IP67

Sierra-Olympic Technologies announced the new Viento HD IP67, a full HD 1080p thermal camera with an IP67 environmentally-rated enclosure

Calibir GX

Teledyne DALSA has launched its Calibir GX series of long wave infrared (LWIR) cameras for industrial vision applications


MicroScan significantly increases the geometrical resolution capability of the ImageIR camera series


Telops’ Hyper-Cam is an advanced passive infrared hyperspectral imaging system


Sierra-Olympic Technologies introduced the affordable Viento-GT, an easy-to-use, thermographically-calibrated thermal camera

Viento HD Lab

Sierra-Olympic Technologies announces the Viento HD Lab, the first longwave-infrared (LWIR) camera with true high-definition (HD) imaging


Sierra-Olympic Technologies introduced the Viento-G, an easy-to-use, affordable thermal camera


The new Xeva-2.5-320 is on display at BiOS and Photonics West 2017. The Xeva-2.5-320 is a SWIR camera designed for use in R&D applications like laser beam analysis and profiling


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