Infrared and thermal cameras

Ninox 1280

Raptor Photonics has launched an additional member to its family of Visible SWIR cameras with the Ninox 1280, offering HD resolution for high end scientific and astronomy applications

Optris Xi Series

Optris has announced the launch of its Optris Xi series of compact spot finder Infrared Cameras, a fusion between a robust compact Pyrometer and an advanced Infrared Camera

Xenics infrared cameras

Laser Components has been working with Xenics, a world leading manufacturer of array detectors that span the short wave infrared region of the spectrum

Vayu HD

Sierra-Olympic Technologies introduces the Vayu HD, an uncooled thermal camera with high definition (1920 x 1200 pixels) and capable of 1080p output

WLP VOx microbolometer

Teledyne Dalsa will demonstrate its Wafer-Level-Packaged 320 x 240 vanadium oxide microbolometer at the upcoming Defence & Security Equipment International Show

FLIR Duo Pro R

FLIR announces the FLIR Duo Pro R dual sensor thermal imaging and mapping system for commercial drones.


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