IntraLED 3

Stemmer Imaging now provides the IntraLED 3, a compact lighting system from Volpi

intraLED 3 LED light source

Volpi has introduced the intraLED 3 LED light source. This economical and compact lighting system has a service life of 50,000 hours and a light intensity of over 500 lumens

Opnext blue/violet laser diodes

ProPhotonix now offers two Opnext blue/violet laser diodes. The HL45023TG with a power output of 445nm is perfect for mobile pico projector applications as well as for sensing and fluorescence

High brightness LED light line

Moritex and Schott has released its redesigned high brightness LED light line. It offers 2 million lux of light intensity, with high uniformity and strobe capability

MetaWhite ExoLight LEDs

Stemmer Imaging has introduced the MetaWhite ExoLight range of LEDs as an alternative to fluorescent lighting for machine vision.

Corona LED

Chromasens has optimised the Corona LED illumination system, designed for use in line scan camera applications


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