Frame grabbers


Cognex has released the MVS-8600e family of frame grabbers that connect Camera Link cameras through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface.

Grablink Express

Multipix is distributing a PCI Express board from Euresys for high-speed Camera Link image acquisition. The Grablink Express has a Power over Camera Link interface.

Grablink Express

A new Camera Link PCI Express frame grabber is now part of the Grablink series. The Grablink Express complies with the Base-configuration of the new Camera Link standard 1.2.

ETX carrier card

Active Silicon has released a new feature-rich card based on the ETX form factor from Kontron, which provides a much more elegant solution to PC-based embedded systems.

Phoenix D48CL-PE1 and D24CL-PE1

Active Silicon is providing frame grabbers with the new Power over Camera Link (PoCL) interface. The products feature the SafePower protocol, so power is only applied when a compliant camera is connected.

microEnable IV-Full x1

Silicon Software has released a new frame grabber. The microEnable IV-Full x1 supports all Camera Link cameras on the market, and was designed to process huge amounts of image data.

Matrox Vio Analog

Matrox Imaging has released the Matrox Vio Analog, the newest member of the Matrox Vio family of boards for video capture and display.

X64 Xcelera

Dalsa has announced its new line of frame grabbers - the X64 Xcelera Series. Building on the Dalsa's X64 frame grabbers, the new Xcelera Series uses the PCI Express platform.

Grablink Quickpack CFA

The Grablink Quickpack CFA (Colour Filter Array) is a flexible and high-performance image acquisition and pre-processing board dedicated to area scan colour inspection.

Matrox Solios

Matrox Imaging has announced new configurations of the Matrox Solios frame grabber family to support Camera Link cameras and PCI Express.


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