Complete vision systems

Mechatronic mBWR200

Htt Group has expanded its portfolio with the new Mechatronic mBWR200 Batch Wafer Reader tool for single wafer tracking. The mBWR200 provides the possibility to read wafer IDs on 8-inch wafers

SCG Series grind gage

Boulder Imaging has released its latest transformational surface detection product, the SCG Series grind gage for coatings and ink manufacturers


Microscan has released a traceability and inspection system engineered for printed circuit board arrays

Barcode verification solution kits

Microscan has announced three new barcode verification solution kits for inline or offline applications. These kits include Microscan's Vision Hawk smart cameras, Nerlite Smart Series industrial lighting, and AutoVision machine vision software

XT-6 X-ray inspection system

Matrix Technologies has released the XT-6 X-ray inspection system. The hexapod-manipulator can make detailed, extreme X-Ray transmission angles in a small space with maximum speed

Lightsheet Z.1

Zeiss has developed a light sheet microscope for 3D observations of biological samples over very long periods of time

VoluMax computer tomograph

Carl Zeiss has introduced the VoluMax computer tomograph. The system generates 3D volume data in a matter of seconds and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations


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