Embedded processing kit

Basler presented an embedded vision processing kit at the Embedded World digital show. The kit includes various interfaces for image processing and allows the connection of different camera types

sCMOS XiJ camera models

Ximea has added sCMOS camera models to its scientific grade camera series XiJ, including backside illuminated, cooled and high-speed cameras

Lt Series USB3 cameras

Teledyne Imaging has released its new 20 megapixel Lt series USB3 cameras. It will present a range of imaging equipment at SPIE Photonics West

VC PicoSmart

VC PicoSmart from Vision Components - measuring 22 x 23.5mm - will premiere at Embedded World 2021 digital trade fair

BoroCIS contact image sensor

Tichawa Vision now offers the industrial contact image sensor, BoroCIS, for internal inspection and optical quality control of the interior of tubes, pipes and bores


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