Press Releases

The congress is dedicated to the best industrial practices and advances in R&D applied to measurements, analysis and testing processes

Lakesight Italy has become the official sales channel in Italy for machine vision cameras of NET New Electronic Technology

Researchers at the the University of Tokyo have developed an evasive manoeuvre assist system using an array of Mikrotron high-speed cameras

Neurala’s vision AI software will be deployed to increase the effectiveness of optical character recognition reading of package information by automatically identifying expiration dates

The new trade fair format in the Automatica portfolio will provide the robotics and automation industry with a digital platform. Automatica Sprint will take place 22-24 June

JAI has introduced the Spark Series SP-25000-CXP4A, a 26-megapixel area scan camera capable of providing full resolution images at 150 frames per second

NIT has announced the sampling and production of its latest high definition SWIR image sensor

The modular 3D compact sensor from AT – Automation Technology, MCS for short, opens up a new dimension for 3D image processing

With the Lucon2, Gefasoft is launching a new and improved version of its compact power source for illumination control

Pinnacle Imaging Systems will offer its Denali 3.0 HDR ISP along with a new HDR sensor module for the Xilinx Kria K26 SOM and KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit

Effilux has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management systems

Laser Components has expanded its range of DOE pattern generators for its Flexpoint laser modules, offering more than twenty new options