Products and Press Releases

Teledyne Dalsa is pleased to announce the Genie Nano-10GigE M/C8200, and M/C6200, based on Teledyne e2v’s 67M and 37M monochrome and colour sensors

JAI has introduced the Go Series GO-8105M-5GE-UV, a new 8.1-megapixel, UV-sensitive camera with a high performance 5GBase-T (5 GigE) interface

AutoVimation expands its protective enclosure range for Specim FX10 and FX17 hyperspectral cameras by two new models

The new model in Basler's Blaze ToF camera family combines high precision, low power consumption, and low heat generation

Edmund Optics has expanded its inventory of mounted machine vision filters

The Mikrotron EoSens GE 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera features photo-sensitivity of 2500 ISO/ASA (monochrome) combined with global shutter

Ladybug6's industrial grade design and factory calibration produces 72MP images with pixel values that are spatially accurate within +/- 2 mm at 10-metre distance

A team at the Institut Langevin, Paris, France, recently developed in vivo full-field optical coherence tomography and demonstrated its capability to capture images in real-time of the central human cornea

Canon Medical Systems USA announces a chip-on-tip video borescope camera for inspection applications in extremely tight spaces

Pleora Technologies is introducing new production-ready and customisable performance advances for its AI solutions

Teledyne Dalsa has released its Falcon4-CLHS M6200 and M8200 cameras, based on Teledyne e2v’s Emerald 37M and 67M monochrome sensors

SVS-Vistek has introduced the Exo253ZGE GigE Vision camera featuring the Sony IMX250MZR 12.3 megapixel polarisation sensor