Press Releases

Matrox Imaging has launched Matrox Concord, a family of interface cards that are pre-licensed for use with the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and pre-configured to minimise application setup time.

Dalsa has launched a GigE Vision-compliant version of its Spyder 3 line scan camera. The Spyder 3 product family uses Dalsa's dual line scan sensor technology.

Olympus has announced the addition of the new Optigrid M structured illumination system to its life science microscopy range. Optigrid M yields ultra-rich, multi-channel fluorescence using standard illumination.

The Domino Symphony boards are high-performance frame grabbers for industrial applications.

MVTec Software has announced the launch of version 3.2 of ActivVisionTools. The easy-to-use software for machine vision is now faster and comes with a robust barcode reader.

Specialised Imaging has announced the introduction of SIM-D, an ultra-fast framing camera. The new compact system combines ease of use, ease of maintenance and high performance.

Euresys has released the Domino Symphony boards, a set of new high-performance frame grabbers for industrial applications. They offer an affordable interface to four single-tap monochrome analog cameras.

PCS Industries has announced the addition of the Checker 232 vision sensor model to its Checker 200 series. The model provides reliable inspection results on rapid production lines.

Vitronic has launched Vicode Basic, a new camera system providing solutions for basic reading tasks. The camera identifies text and codes with up to 99.9 per cent accuracy.

LOT-Oriel has launched Phenom, from FEI Company, a high resolution desktop imaging tool (up to 20,000x) with an optical camera and a high quality electron microscope.

Basler Vision Technologies has expanded its Scout series with four new camera models based on Sony's high sensitivity ICX285 CCD sensor. The cameras feature a 30fps image capture rate.

Pyser-SGI has introduced a new multi-feature calibration standard for machine vision and image analysis systems. Multiple images and scales on a single slide provide a cost-effective solution to calibration checks.