Products and Press Releases

Basler has released a 5GigE product range, including 12 Ace 2 camera models, matching lenses, cables and PC cards

With the MvBlueNaos evaluation kit, Matrix Vision offers a complete package with all necessary components for image capture and image processing for embedded vision applications

BitFlow has signed MaVis Imaging to represent its portfolio of frame grabbers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal

Adding lighting to an existing vision system can be expensive. Better take lighting into account during the design phase! Basler’s new Lighting Advisor guides you step-by-step to a selection of matching lights and components perfectly tailored to your application.

The UK's PPMA Total show is to feature 2,000 brands from the processing, packaging machinery, robots and industrial vision communities

SVS-Vistek introduces the Fxo487 ultraviolet camera, with a maximum frame rate of 194 fps and 8.1 megapixel resolution

Imago Technologies is expanding its deep learning product offering to include Vision Box AI, a GPGPU vision system

Resolve Optics is now supplying HD (1080p) resolution lenses optimised for the new generation of radiation hard CMOS cameras

SVS-Vistek has introduced the SVS-EF, an adaptor supporting Canon EF and EF-S motorised auto focus lenses

Membership in Inception will enable Newsight - a developer of 3D machine vision sensors and spectral vision chips - to expand its approach to the automotive depth-vision ecosystem

Fraunhofer IGCV has partnered with SGL Carbon and Chromasens to develop the next generation AirCarbon III for monitoring carbon fiber production

LMI Technologies has released the Gocator 2600 series of 4K+ resolution smart 3D laser line profile sensors