Products and Press Releases

JAI has launched a 5 Megapixel progressive scan camera in the Basic tier of the company's new 3-tier C3 Camera Suite - a complete camera range based on JAI's core camera concept (C3).

Basler Vision Technologies has introduced the Sprint 8k, a new member of the Sprint line scan camera family. A dual line CMOS sensor design provides outstanding image quality.

Toshiba Teli has launched the FireDragon series of progressive scan CCD cameras, available in monochrome and colour versions.

Land Instruments International has released the latest version of its FTI-E fixed thermal imaging system. The FTI-E range incorporates four models for monitoring temperatures from -20 to 1,600°C

Firstsight Vision has added the Macro Varon 85mm f4.5 lens from Schneider Kreuznach to its optics portfolio. The lens features advanced 'continuous aberration suppression' technology to provide distortion-free and chromatic-corrected imaging.

Baumer has release the TXG14-fast, a 1.4 Megapixel Gigabit Ethernet digital camera with speeds of up to 30fps. Typical applications include those in the packaging industry and in measuring technology.

Baumer has extended its family of TX cameras. Three new 5 Megapixel colour cameras are available with a Gigabit Ethernet or FireWire IEEE1394b interface.

SVS-Vistek has expanded its SVCam camera line with an 11 Megapixel model (svs11002-12) with 12-bit data format and Camera Link interface.

Imaging Solutions Group has doubled the memory of its LightWise cameras, which are also now fully CE and RoHS compliant.

Prosilica has released the GE1050 megapixel CCD camera, a high-resolution, CCD camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface capable of running at 60fps at 1000 x 1000 resolution.

Point Grey Research has added a two-port repeater and five-port hub to its line of FirePRO professional IEEE-1394b (FireWire) components.

VRmagic has released the VRmC-3+ PRO camera, which is a versatile entry-level camera for industrial applications.