Press Releases

The VDI/VDE/VDMA 2632 series of standards aims to support users and solution providers in the successful implementation of machine vision projects. Part 1 has now been published as a draft

Multipix Imaging were pleased to demonstrate Photoneo’s 3D Vision Bin Picking Studio system integrated with Yaskawa’s new GP4 Robot at this year’s PPMA show

Vision Components has developed an FPGA-based accelerator for edge preprocessing of image data in embedded vision projects with MIPI camera modules

Cognex's In-Sight 3D-L4000 embedded vision system is the first product to bring the benefits of speckle-free laser lines to users

ToupTek released SWIR Mono, Global shutter, 1.3MP C-Mounting camera called SWIR1300KMA. Laser spot analysis, color separation, recovery market and semiconductor testing market are all relevant applications. Short wave infrared high-end night vision security applications are also a good choice for the camera. The camera is suitable for applications requiring very short exposure time.

Phenix Optics has announced the new LD line scan lens series

New developments in Halcon 21.11 include the addition of instance segmentation to the available deep learning technologies, an improved barcode reader, as well as greater usability for dictionaries and Generic Shape Matching

Scientists at SINTEF, a research institute in Trondheim, Norway, recently developed a hyperspectral imaging system to study salmon, relying in part upon a BitFlow Camera Link frame grabber

Basler has added CXP-12 camera models from its Boost series, two new multi-channel CXP-12 interface cards, and a variety of matching components

Xenics has added new camera members to the Bobcat 320 family, including an affordable SWIR camera

Cognex announces VisionPro 10.0 and VisionPro Deep Learning 2.0, two new releases in its VisionPro line of vision software

Slamcore has announced full compatibility of its SDK with Robot Operating System 2