Products and Press Releases

Opto, a German-based manufacturer of optical systems and components, has launched its Solino Yellow Line catalogue. The catalogue comprises a selection of some of Opto's optical inspection systems.

Awaiba, the Madeira-based CMOS design house, has launched the Dragster digital CMOS line scan sensor series. The sensors provide 7e- dark read noise and 50 per cent QE (DR-4k-7), an outstanding sensitivity and noise performance.

Imaging Development Systems (IDS) has launched the uEye camera series for industrial or non-industrial applications. Camera models are available with resolutions from VGA to 5 Megapixels.

VRmagic, which is based in Mannheim Germany, is offering USB-powered frame grabbers for applications with NTSC- or PAL-cameras. The light-weight external components can be controlled using the API of VRmagic's software development kit.

Active Silicon has introduced the Phoenix HD-SDI range of frame grabbers, offering low latency capture from uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit Serial Digital Interface and High Definition Serial Digital Interface video sources.

JAI's new high dynamic range CMOS cameras TS-4032EN/TSC-4032EN have been developed especially for Automatic License Plate Recognition (APLR) applications in traffic management.

The Falcon 1.4M100, a 1.4 Megapixel, high-speed camera from Dalsa, is now available from Firstsight Vision. The camera delivers 100fps at full 1400 x 1024 pixel resolution.

Viscom has launched the X8060 NDT, an x-ray inspection system for non-destructive examinations in industrial and scientific settings. It can manipulate large or heavy objects, but also inspect smaller parts at higher magnifications.

Viscom has launched the S2012PV, its first dedicated optical inspection system for solar cell production. The S2012PV is suited to applications such as wafer material inspection, cell characterisation and final cell control.

IB/E Optics has developed its range of telecentric lenses for CCD matrix and CCD line cameras.

Flir has launched the P660 thermal imaging camera designed and developed for applications requiring excellent image quality, accurate temperature measurements and good thermal image detail.

Baumer's FireWire (IEEE1394a) cameras are developed for industrial use and are based upon ultramodern CCD and CMOS technology. More than 32 matrix cameras and OEM modules are available.