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CCS has released the LDF-RLS series reference light source for camera and image sensors, which can switch between different colour temperatures

STMicroelectronics has announced the second generation of its STM32 microprocessors, which are designed to increase the performance and security of industrial and IoT applications.  

“The new STM32MP2 series devices [combine] 64-bit cores with edge AI acceleration, advanced multimedia features, graphics processing, and digital connectivity,” said Ricardo De Sa Earp, Executive Vice-President at STMicroelectronics.

The camera can capture both high-resolution RGB and near-infrared (NIR) multispectral images.

DX-1200 is the latest addition to Cincoze's rugged computing 'Diamond' product line

The firm says the platform will help put a stop to the ‘needle in a haystack approach’ of manually diagnosing errors within models.

The new model was announced at this year's SPIE Defence + Commerical Sensing in Orlando

With weather-resistant coating and a wide spectral range, the lens is suitable for advanced drones, coastal search and rescue, and tactical payloads.

The ATX650G camera is designed for applications that require high bandwidth and low latency.

The brand new allPIXA neo multispectral line scan cameras deliver highest performance at line rates up to 300 kHz. The CMOS sensors provide 4k and 6k resolution in Mono, RGB and NIR. Equipped with 10 GigE and CoaXPress interfaces, they are a cost-efficient solution for all high-speed web inspection and sorting tasks in small installation spaces.

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Quantum Imaging will launch MIRA 02Y-E next week at the annual SPIE Defence and Commercial Sensing conference in Orlando.

The Correlator is the first of several planned firmware modules for Photon Force's latest generation of PF32 cameras.

Merlic 5.3 builds on its predecessor to help solve complex machine vision applications with a deep learning object detection tool.