Products and Press Releases

Schott Advanced Optics, the optics division of the international technology company, has launched an improved version of its LASF35 glass, which is particularly well suited to miniaturised lens systems.

Advanced Micro Peripherals, a supplier of form factor products and embedded solutions, has launched the microMPEG4, a four-channel MPEG4 codec on a mini PCI form factor.

Multipix Imaging now supplies Cognex Micro In-sight vision sensors. These latest sensors include five models covering a range of price, performance and resolutions.

4DSP has introduced the FM577 FPGA platform aimed at the next generation of vision systems. The PMC is based on dual Altera Cyclone III FPGA device architecture.

BitFlow latest digital and analogue frame grabbers and NorPix's StreamPix digital video recording software can now be combined to build system level solutions for high-speed and/or multi-camera streaming video applications.

A ready-reference guide to direct part marking (DPM) technology has been published by Sick, a manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions.

Hamamatsu has launched the ORCA-R² 'rapid readout' digital CCD camera. The camera is suited to demanding, non-EM CCD applications in the visible to NIR.

Dalsa has announced the iNspect Color, an updated version of the iNspect software package for Dalsa's line of Vision Appliances. Dalsa's Vision Appliances are easy-to-use, embedded machine vision solutions.

The Imaging Source, a manufacturer of imaging hardware and software for industry, medicine and astronomy, has launched a series of affordable, low noise astronomy cameras

Toshiba Teli America has introduced the SmartDragon image processor, which can connect and simultaneously receive data from up to four FireWire-B (IEEE1394.b) colour or black and white cameras.

Prosilica has introduced its GB-Series range of single-board OEM cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface. The credit-card sized CCD cameras have been specially designed to fit in tight spaces.

Photron, a global high-speed imaging systems and image analysis software supplier, has introduced the Fastcam MC2, a high-speed video imaging system incorporating two small and lightweight camera heads.