Products and Press Releases

The Genie C1600 and Genie M1600 cameras feature a high quality, 2 Megapixel, high resolution sensor ideal for industrial imaging applications in the semiconductor, robotics and traffic control industries.

Flir Systems has introduced the Flir i50 entry level infrared camera, characterised by its ease-of-use, portability and excellent feature to price ratio.

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems. Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P programmes build on the Cell^A and Cell^B entry-level packages, offering advanced life science imaging applications.

Dalsa, a global leader in machine vision technology, has introduced the Spyder3 Color camera providing high colour fidelity, ease-of-use, and affordable solutions for the colour imaging market.

Northwire's MVC 1394b FireWire, DataCell GEV-1000 Gigabit Ethernet, CCXC Analog, and Camera Link cables have undergone rigorous testing for flex life and durability, proven by the Northwire Standardized Flex Testing Protocol (NSFTP).

SVS-Vistek has launched SVCam-ECO, a camera family which extends the company's own camera line by 8 ultra-compact cameras using Gigabit Ethernet.

Resolve Optics' Model 304 motorised zoom lens delivers true high definition images (720-line progressive and 1080-line interlaced) in a compact 10x zoom lens measuring only 84 x 70 x 70mm.

Vision Components has adapted the open source program library OpenCV to its proprietary VCRT operating system, implementing it on all VC smart cameras.

Vision Components has introduced its pattern matching tool VC Smart Finder, a software solution for industrial image processing applications.

Firstsight Vision has introduced a water-cooled 3m line light to its product range. The line light has been manufactured by LED illumination specialist VCubed.

Edmund Optics (EO) has expanded its USB 2.0 intelligent machine vision cameras line to include Harsh Environment (HE) and Lite Edition (LE) versions.

Basler has added a C-Mount option to the Basler Runner Gigabit Ethernet line scan camera family. This series now also includes six C-Mount monochrome models with 1k and 2k line scan CCD sensors.