Products and Press Releases

Toshiba Teli has released the GiantDragon line of GigE Vision- and GenICam-compliant industrial cameras available in both monochrome and colour models.

Firstsight Vision now offers a comprehensive range of day/night lenses that can focus both visible and infrared light.

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology has created a new version of its SMT370 interface, reengineered into an industrial variant.

Eastman Kodak has developed a new CCD image sensor technology that should significantly improve applied imaging applications.

Kane Computing has launched two new products, DS-4000HCI-VSP and DS-4000HCI-VSS, which integrate the DS-4000HCI range of H.264 PCI encoder boards with PC video server software.

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the new S10200 TDI (time delay integration) sensor, featuring 90 per cent peak quantum efficiency to visible light, with high UV and near IR sensitivity.

The GEViCAM GP-151400 series consists of four high performance cameras with a resolution of 1392 x 1040 pixels and increased NIR sensitivity incorporating the ICX285 sensor by Sony.

IDS Imaging Development Systems has added two new models to its uEye series, which makes use of the newest generation of 1/3-inch CMOS sensors.

National Instruments has announced the NI 1722 and NI 1742 smart cameras. The embedded devices combine an industrial controller with an image sensor.

Specialised Imaging has developed a technique that allows engineers to correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement

Basler has added the ruL2098-10gc tri-linear CCD colour line scan camera to its Runner series. The new camera includesa GigE Vision interface and features a line rate of 9.2kHz.

Basler has introduced a new member of the pioneer series based on Sony's new ICX625 CCD sensor, which features a resolution of 2456 x 2048 pixels.