Products and Press Releases

Omron has announced that Fernando Colás, who has been with the company for 37 years, has been named CEO of its industrial automation business in EMEA

BitFlow has introduced BFPython, an application programming interface that allows engineers with Python expertise to acquire images from BitFlow's frame grabbers

The IDS NXT Ocean sensor has been updated with multi-ROI for AI-based object detection, and the possibility to use different neural networks for different ROIs in one image via Vision App

Thanks to a SerDes adapter board developed by Vision Components, coax cables up to 10 metres and longer can now be used with the Mipi interface

This product expansion includes the Techspec double-sided aspheric lenses ideal for imaging applications, and the Techspec near-infrared precision aspheric lenses for enabling high-precision performance

Those participating in the lidar training courses in April will learn how to get started with generating, recording, and interpreting point clouds for robotics and autonomous systems

Cognex has introduced the DataMan 280 series of fixed-mount barcode readers, engineered to solve a broad range of ID applications

With CxSupportPackage 2022.2, Automation Technology offers an optimised kit of software programs for its 3D sensors

Daniel Otto is now worldwide head of sales and marketing at Framos, and is part of the management team

Macnica ATD Europe has announced a distribution agreement with Retrocausal, a provider of systems that can optimise factory floor assembly processes

Wenglor delivered more than two million products last year, highlighting the demand for vision products

Nominees have been announced for the Intertraffic awards, including software that turns a video stream into a smart sensor or entire camera networks into traffic intelligence