Press Releases

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced its latest family of LWIR cameras, the Calibir GXM series

D3 Engineering has announced its new DesignCore Carrier Board, which allows engineers to connect multiple cameras or sensors with the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX module to enable AI at the edge

Matrix Vision has introduced its MvBlockScan camera with an FPGA for acquiring lines of data from an area scan sensor

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading the globe, HGH, the world leader in infrared test equipment, has seen a strong increase in its blackbodies sales

A new approach to wavelength filtering technology, Spectrolight's Flexible Wavelength Selector (FWS), can be used for hyperspectral imaging applications

MVTec Software will launch a new progress release of its standard software Halcon on 20 May 2020

With the new camera system Polyphem, Laetus offers a high-quality solution for inline quality control on blister machines

A new 3D camera and SensorApp solution from Sick has enabled rapid, damage-free guidance of automated and driver-assisted high-bay forklifts into pallet pockets, as well as the pick-up of dollies by automated guided vehicles

Mikrotron has strengthened its North American vision camera business by appointing Concurrent EDA as a preferred technology partner

Teledyne Dalsa has released its Genie Nano 5GigE M/C8100, M/C5400 and M/C4500 cameras, based on the On Semiconductor 45M, 30M and 20M monochrome and colour sensors

Boulder Imaging has appointed Joey Nesbitt as director of hardware engineering, and Kathy Giansiracusa as director of accounting and administration. The company has also achieved recertification for Intergraf CWA 15374

IDS now offers the IMX250MZR 5 MP sensor from Sony with integrated on-pixel polarisers in the uEye CP camera family