Press Releases

This high-speed system delivers reliable code verification and quality reporting for 1D, 2D, and direct part mark (DPM) codes

The FLIR EST thermal screening solutions provide frontline screening at building entries and in high traffic areas to improve safety and help curb the spread of Covid-19

This last member of the WiDy SenS family exhibits several new features ideal for embedded applications in UAVs, drones, land or naval platforms

ANDANTA’s InGaAs-VGA “BADGER” image sensor family will soon be complemented by a VIS- InGaAs sensor, which is also sensitive in the visible spectral range

Flex-Eye is designed to make multispectral imaging even more effective by precisely tailoring the wavebands to the exact requirements of specific applications

C-Blue One is a scientific CMOS camera featuring a 1,608 x 1,104 monochrome CMOS sensor with 660 fps frame rate

E-con Systems has launched 5MP camera support for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit

Raptor Photonics has launched the Owl 640T, an InGaAs-based camera with 640 x 512 resolution and a 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch

Lucid Vision Labs has announced that Helios2, the next generation of 3D time of flight cameras, has now entered series production

Advanced illumination is releasing its SL256 high intensity pattern projecting spot light, a new structured LED light projector featuring a large cluster of high-intensity LEDs in a focused, homogeneous spot light

Physik Instrumente has set up a virtual trade show that will inspire and inform anyone with precision positioning and motion control challenges

The new Schott VisiLED UV ring light for stereo microscopes combines classic bright-field illumination with UV illumination