Press Releases

The Matrox Nexis is an integrated image acquisition sub-system featuring two remote camera heads combined with a dual camera control unit (CCU) and frame grabber on a single PC/104-Plus card.

The uEye USB 2.0 camera series from IDS Imaging Development Systems are now environment tolerant thanks to new driver software, allowing the camera to adapt to fluctuating light conditions.

Adimec has introduced the Adimec-4050m, which features a burst readout mode for increased inspection speeds through temporary high image capture rates.

JAI has introduced the CV-A20CL, which features a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels within a 2/3-inch format imager, providing 60fps over a Camera Link interface.

Basler has introduced its new Scout camera family, which is equipped with assorted CMOS image sensors. The first model will be the Micron MT9V022 sensor offering VGA resolution and 60fps.

StockerYale has unveiled the new 660nm, 100 mW option for the Lasiris SNF Laser. The laser now operates at powers of up to 100mW with an automatic power control circuit.

PCO AG has developed the Turbo Inspector, a mobile inspection system that resides in a special case and can be transported and implemented directly at the suspected source of error.

In addition to the existing range of digital cameras for industrial and medical image processing, VDS Vosskuehler is now offering an infrared camera, model IRC-300, for 8-14µm (LWIR).

Pacer has introduced a colour contact image sensor (CIS) from Tichawa Vision, which promises large reading width, high resolution and scan speeds.

Combined with a DataMatrix code reader, intelligent cameras from Vision Components can identify two-dimensional codes which are, for example, printed on pharmaceutical drug packaging.

Cedip Infrared Systems has added high performance Ethernet connectivity for its complete product range, allowing multi-sensor camera netowrks for process control surveillance and security.

NET GmbH continues to expand its range of monochrome and colour IEEE1394 cameras. The new FOculus models offer the advantage of a user-friendly small body along with other additional features.