Press Releases

Cognex appoints Marjorie Sennett to Cognex’s board of directors to serve on the audit committee

Further development of IDS NXT Ocean has a focus on user-friendliness and AI transparency

Framos has developed support packages for Sony's SWIR and ToF sensors

Flame images captured by Mikrotron high-speed colour cameras are being used to detect poor combustion conditions in burners

Lucid Vision Labs has announced its Helios2+ 3D time-of-flight camera has entered series production

SmartRay, a manufacturer of 3D sensors for quality inspection and metrology, has launched a 3D sensor for glass inspection

AutoVimation has launched Megalodon protective enclosures for Flir A400/700, Dalsa Linea, Jai Fusion and other large-format cameras

The new XCP camera family of the uEye+ product series from IDS Imaging Development Systems is one of the smallest cameras with housing and C-mount

Sony’s imaging division has announced the availability of further additions to its FCB video camera offering

Dr Sabine Ott from Excelitas PCO described the latest updates — including a major speed upgrade — to the Camera Link HS vision standard

Xenics took the strategic decision in 2019 to invest in a new cleanroom and suitable high-tech equipment

Cognex has released a high-speed steerable mirror, designed for use with the DataMan 470 barcode reader, to support large field of view applications