Products and Press Releases

The combined ultra-low power modules will enable new methods of smart sensing for wearable devices, robotics, industrial and security markets

The new Robust Edge AI Platform is well suited for IoT use cases in machine vision, robotic control, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), mobile communication, smart manufacturing, in-vehicle computing, public security, and any edge AI applications

The sensor operates in real-time without motion artefacts and with excellent temporal noise at short ranges – essential in applications such as pick and place, logistics, factory automation and factory safety

Multi-spectral cameras allow users to reduce the number of cameras and lenses needed for infrared imaging

The ATX081S-UC 10GigE PoE+ UV camera equipped with the high UV sensitivity 8.1 MP Sony IMX487 global shutter CMOS sensor, is capable of capturing images across the ultraviolet light spectrum in the 200 to 400nm range

Co-located with established industrial vision conference, MVC, Automation UK will highlight the latest industrial products and services, robots, robotic systems, systems integration, automation control parts and systems, sensors and machine safety

Innodisk has launched the EXMU-X261, an FPGA machine vision platform

LMI Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the Photon Optical Inspection System

Popular restaurant chain selects Teledyne’s Genie Nano cameras for its sports themed VR restaurants

The six additions to the Teledyne Flir Blackfly S GigE line of cameras use Sony’s Pregius S series sensors

SiLC Technologies has launched the Eyeonic Vision System, an FMCW lidar solution with polarisation information. The device is targeted at robotics, autonomous vehicles and smart cameras

AutoVimation has expanded its Chameleon series of protective camera enclosures, adding a model for the Flir AX8 thermal imaging camera