Products and Press Releases

Irisys (InfraRed Integrated Systems), a Northampton-based company, has launched the IRI 4011 and IRI 4041 handheld thermal imagers, specifically designed for police and security applications.

New Electronic Technology (NET), a manufacturer of digital and analogue cameras, has released GimaGO, a Gigabit Ethernet camera line. GimaGO offers both monochrome and colour CCD image sensors.

Flir Systems has introduced the Flir i5 thermal imaging camera. The i5 is targeted at the emerging market for low cost, high performance thermal imaging cameras for commercial applications.

Kappa, the German camera manufacturer, has extended its camera range with Gigabit Ethernet models. The GigE cameras are available with various sensors and in colour, monochrome or cooled versions.

Syngene has released U:Genius, which is a gel documentation system for accurately recording DNA and protein gels images.

The Baumer-GAPI is the generic programming interface for Baumer Optronic's digital cameras. This interface was developed to operate all Baumer cameras by use of a standard software interface (API).

SVS-Vistek has released an ultra high-speed version of the 16 Megapixel camera SVS16000-U. The progressive-scan camera is equipped with an Interline Transfer CCD sensor from Kodak with a diagonal of 43.3mm.

Firstsight Vision has released the Eye-Sec 30-90 from Opgal Optronic Industries. This highly sensitive, uncooled thermal camera is one of a range of new security related thermal options from Opgal.

The IR513 multifunctional handheld thermal viewer from Armstrong Optical of Northampton combines thermal and visible cameras, GPS, laser rangefinder, and electronic compass.

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division is partnering with Olympus Canada to offer a new tool for clinical pathology and teaching, the High Definition Synergy-HD Microscope Imaging System.

Imaging Development Systems (IDS) has developed a single driver kit for all models of the uEye range. This allows camera integration independent of model or interface constraints.

The Imaging Source, an industrial camera manufacturer and software application developer, has announced a new line of cost effective FireWire VGA and XVGA zoom cameras.