Press Releases

JAI has released four new digital progressive scan CCD cameras: CM-140 MCL, CB-140 MCL, CM-200 MCL and CB-200 MCL. They are Mini Camera Link versions of JAI's CV-A1 and CV-A2 cameras.

Multipix has released the new Ascent series from Apogee Instruments. The cooled compact CCD cameras have programmable 16-bit digitisation, up to 20MHz and cooling to 40°C below ambient temperature.

Silicon Software has released a new frame grabber. The microEnable IV-Full x1 supports all Camera Link cameras on the market, and was designed to process huge amounts of image data.

Silicon Software has added around 100 new operators to its VisualApplets software for graphical FPGA programming. Version 1.2 includes extensions of the graphic interface and the functional libraries.

Active Silicon is providing frame grabbers with the new Power over Camera Link (PoCL) interface. The products feature the SafePower protocol, so power is only applied when a compliant camera is connected.

Active Silicon has released a new feature-rich card based on the ETX form factor from Kontron, which provides a much more elegant solution to PC-based embedded systems.

TM Robotics has launched a new Toshiba Machine Scara robot in the UK and European markets. Called the TH250A, it offers improved speed compared to existing robots in the range.

The Stemmer Imaging Group has been appointed by VCubed as the European distribution channel for its entire range of intelligent light sources. Firstsight Vision will be selling the components in the UK.

Photonfocus has released two new cameras: DS1-D1024-40-CL‑10 and DS1-D1024-40-U2‑10. They provide easy handling and can be readily integrated in standard applications.

Edmund Optics is providing an online tool to help customers find the video lens that best matches their imaging needs. It porovides a unique five-point rating of each lens.

Firstsight Vision offers a comprehensive range of LED illumination sources at competitive prices to industrial and scientific OEMs, system Integrators and resellers. This includes the range of LED sources from CCS.

Basler has released version 1.0 of its pylon driver package, the first official version. It integrates both a GigE Vision and an IEEE 1394 interface.