Press Releases

Avago Technologies has released a new ambient light sensor with a precise logarithmic output response over a wide range of lighting conditions.

XenICs has introduced the XLIN 1.7/2.2/2.5 series of InGaAs linear photodiode arrays, featuring high detectivity, linearity and uniformity with good stability and a wide dynamic range.

Viscom has introduced its new EasyPro3D Step 1 programming software. It includes the IPC-compliant Viscom LIB2007 inspection library and a newly-designed repair station.

Vision Components has introduced its data matrix code reading software. Combined with an intelligent camera, the VC Smart Reader enables quick and reliable identification of 2D codes.

Epix has introduced the SV5C10 12-bit colour and the SV5M10 12-bit monochrome 5-Megapixel 10fps cameras. They can be externally triggered or free run.

National Instruments has released LabView 8.5, the latest version of the graphical system design platform for test, control and embedded system development.

Matrox Imaging has released the Matrox Iris E-Series with Design Assistant, a smart camera with an integrated development environment (IDE).

The 0.5x Wide Angle Zoom Adapter from Resolve Optics has been designed to improve the quality of video conferencing images. It provides high contrast images with high resolution and focus.

The XLIN series of InGaAs linear photodiode arrays are available as a hybrid assembly of photodiodes integrated with a charge-amplifying multiplexer, or ready-mounted into the compact and rigid XenICs XEVA-LIN digital camera.

Dalsa's Spyder 3 CL line scan camera with Camera Link interface has three times the response rate and twice the speed of its predecessor, the Spyder 2, while still maintaining low noise levels.

Dolan-Jenner Industries has introduced the new Fiber-Lite DC950H machine vision fibre optic illuminator. It is a 150W quartz halogen regulated illuminator, which features a higher output and greater reliability than previous models.

The IVC-3D Smart Camera is suitable for inspection, positioning and measurement tasks. The IVC-3D brings detail and accuracy to inspection and robot picking on the production line.