Products and Press Releases

Matrox Imaging's Iris E-Series with Design Assistant is a powerful smart camera/software package. In the Matrox Design Assistant environment, users create a flow chart of the application that instructs the Matrox Iris E-Series camera.

Basler has released the first Linux version of its Pylon Driver. This driver package is designed to operate with all Basler GigE Vision cameras.

Kappa has released the Kalypso 023-USB CMOS camera series. The camera features an Aptina sensor, rugged construction and high signal quality.

Matrox Imaging has introduced the Matrox Morphis Evo, a video capture card with real-time multi-channel H.264 encoding.

The Imaging Source, a manufacturer of industrial cameras, has introduced a series of progressive scan, CMOS cameras, supplied with a USB 2.0 connector.

The 5M-HR telecentric lens from Moritex has been designed for use with high resolution camera sensors (5 Megapixel) with very small pixel pitch.

Basler Vision Technologies has expanded its Pilot GigE camera series with two new models based on Sony's ICX625 CCD sensor, which feature an image capture rate of up to 17fps.

Flir Systems has introduced three new Flir i-Series thermal imaging cameras, the i40, i50, and i60. The affordable i-Series cameras offer best-in-class infrared diagnostic capabilities for commercial applications.

Firstsight Vision is offering a range of Image Station Compact PCs equipped with everything needed for a complete PC-based machine vision system in a compact housing.

Pro-Lite Technology has released the TrueMura software module for users of its ProMetric CCD imaging photometers from Radiant Imaging.

Rad-icon Imaging has introduced the Skia-Graph 8 radiation sensitive camera. It consists of eight CMOS sensors tiled in a 2 x 4 matrix for a total active sensing area of 8 x 8 inches.

Optronis has launched the CamRecord CR high-speed camera series. Its compact design offers excellent performance and flexibility for the visualisation and analysis of high-speed phenomena.