Lens standard under development as working groups formed

28 August 2018

Machine vision industry bodies have begun the first steps to define a standard interface for lenses. Imaging and Machine Vision Europe speaks to EMVA's Arnaud Darmont about plans for the standard

Multipix Imaging to supply vision equipment to future factory research centre

23 August 2018

UK vision equipment supplier, Multipix Imaging, has become a member of the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

State of quantum imaging set out in European roadmap

23 August 2018

European quantum scientists have laid out a revised roadmap detailing the way research in quantum technology will be taken forward, including research into quantum sensing and imaging

Wind measurement satellite with custom CCD lifts off

23 August 2018

The European Space Agency’s Aeolus satellite containing a powerful UV laser and custom CCD detector for measuring wind speed has been launched into space yesterday. It will provide detailed profiles of the Earth's winds to improve weather forecasts

Ford tracks employee movements to reduce injuries

03 August 2018

Ford is using motion tracking to analyse how its employees working on car assembly lines move, in order to design less physically stressful workstations

Cognex sales up 19 per cent, but decline expected from electronics customers

31 July 2018

Cognex has posted second quarter revenue of $211.3 million, an increase of 19 per cent compared to the same period last year

Researchers to build spectral imaging for nanosats

26 July 2018

A multispectral imaging device small enough to be installed on a nanosatellite is being developed in research led by the University of Strathclyde

Israeli startup wins $7m investment for retail vision platform

24 July 2018

Israeli computer vision startup, Trigo Vision, has won $7 million in a seed funding round for AI technology that tracks items shoppers pick up in stores

Basler acquires Silicon Software

19 July 2018

The transaction sees Basler gain Silicon Software’s image acquisition cards and software technology, including Silicon Software’s Visual Applets FPGA programming environment

Leti launches project to characterise lidar sensors

09 July 2018

French research institute Leti has announced a pilot programme to characterise and assess lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles

Basler releases 1:1 replacement of discontinued Sony ICX618 CCD

09 July 2018

Basler has introduced a camera that it says is a direct one-to-one replacement of cameras that use Sony's discontinued ICX618 CCD sensor

Deep learning to dominate Vision Stuttgart

03 July 2018

Deep learning technology will be in abundance at the upcoming Vision show in Stuttgart from 6 to 8 November, where first-time exhibitors Sualab, Deepsense, and Neadvance will show AI solutions